Why am I writing a blog?

In the name of radical honesty, something I’ve only begun to bring into action (despite two years of pro-active work on it), I am writing this. I have lost quite a few years of my lif...

In meta, Oct 30, 2020



what is the labor of love,but the foul wind turned palatable?fermented and bubbly, funky and oozingthe smell of decay becomes umami, how multi-culturalit streaks overthe surface of co...

In poetry, Dec 01, 2020


Musing about COVID

I suppose I’ll be starting to write a little bit every day now for #100DaysToOffload. I’m not really sure how this will go, but it does make me feel oddly good to do one of these “do ...

In 100DaysToOffload, Mar 30, 2021